June 2011

     Sleepless nights, eating too late in the evening due to anxiety, angry, depressed and contemplating just giving up, were some of the symptoms I had before I went to Mr. Willard. Prior to Mr. Willard, I spent years in numerous and expensive counseling sessions, hours of therapy to help mend years of bad choices, and after years of these efforts, I still found myself lost and confused. Giving Mr. Willard a chance was a “shot in the dark”. It was taking a risk at actually “feeling better” and being able to move on. Something I’ve been unable to do for so long. Why I felt I deserved to go through and continue with these thoughts and this pain, was beyond what I could seriously understand. But Mr. Willard was able to help me find that inner raw emotion of distress and move on with my life. He has a way of touching the inner spirit and helps to lift you out of the presence of whatever it is that has kept you from living a more fulfilling and deserving life. We all deserve to be happy. I didn’t believe I was allowed to feel good and wouldn’t allow myself to let go of any and all pain associated with decisions that I either inflicted on myself or someone else inflicted on me. I was wrong. Thank you Mr. Willard for helping me to let