A special post for the Heartland Hypnosis Conference this year in St. Louis, MO.

    This is a special blog posting for hypnotist have registered or are considering registering for this years Heartland Hypnosis Conference in St. Louis, MO.

    If you would talk to 10 different clinical/therapeutical hypnotists about doing smoking cessation, you would probably get 10 different responses. Some might say they don’t do it and not give a reason why. Some might say they don’t do it because they don’t like doing it, they only do metaphysical stuff, or it’s boring after doing it so long, and on and on. But, as they say, “in my humble opinion” they don’t do it because clients know within one day or so if it works. Many hypnotists cannot deal with something where the results are so “cut and dried”. Either it worked or it didn’t. With weight loss it can be days or even weeks before clients know that, you the hypnotist, helped them to lose weight. For removing fears, it’s the same thing. Metaphysical hypnosis is completely subjective. Once the initial session has passed and the ‘high” of the hypnotic experience wears off, then the real test begins. No long time wait and see. The client will know the next moment when they used to smoke and didn’t. Will it be 15 minutes after they leave or one day? Can you take the stress and the uncertainty of not knowing? Or would you rather know you are the expert in helping to make it happen?
    Well you can. Ninety percent of my business deals with helping people to stop smoking. Over the years I have attended seminars, workshops, bought audio and video training programs, read countless books and whatever else I could on get my hands on to help people stop smoking with hypnosis. Because of this I have developed a powerful program to help my clients become smoke free. More recently I have made this into a program available to other hypnotists. I call it The Amazingly Powerful Stop Smoking Training Program For Hypnotists. It is systematic, yet still designed to be individualized to help any client become smoke free. But, as I tell all my clients, they have to really want to stop smoking or nothing is going to work.
    And now this year you can get the real core of this program at this year’s Heartland Hypnosis Conference, April 27 thru April 29, St. Louis, MO, where I will be sharing what I have learned from others, what I have tweaked and what I have created to make what I believe is a powerful program to help you in helping others to stop smoking fast. You will learn from what I did right as well as what I did wrong, so you will not make the same mistakes I did. You will learn how to show that the client must accept their part and his or her responsibility in becoming a non-smoker and that you as the hypnotist will do your very best to make it happen. You will also help to empower the client to remain a non-smoker if they should (as unlikely as it may be) ever have a craving or get stressed out, so they can get beyond that brief moment, quickly and easily. In learning this program, you will project confidence knowing that you can do your part to help make the world a little more smoke free. You will also learn some of the things you need to know to be in the business of doing a stop-smoking program to protect yourself legally, make money, and project the professionalism of our craft.
    I sincerely hope to see many old friends there and make some new ones. I look forward to this adventure of learning at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference as well as having a great time. I hope the same for you, too.

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