Are you ready?

Are you ready for the mask mandates again and what follows?

Remember when they said, “Shut up” and no disagreeing. And if you were a medical professional and spoke up, your would lose your job.

Remember the all censorship on the internet, in print and on air.

Remember the new powers they gave themselves in all levels of government.

Remember schools’ closings causing stunted learning and social skills development.

Remember restaurants shutting down.

Remember other businesses shutting down and the jobs lost.

Remember being told you were not allowed to go to the beach, parks or just being outside to have any fun. If you didn’t have a really good reason to go anywhere (defined by who?) don’t.

Remember how many of those in all levels of government with law enforcement power, abused their powers unconstitutionally against individuals and groups. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yes, there are those when they are given the chance to exert a power, no matter how unjust, will abuse it. And there will be those who say they were just following orders. The Nuremberg excuse.

Remember when they shut down your place of worship, but looked the other way when there were left lead protests and riots.

Remember food and daily needs products’ shortage because of supply line shut downs. No TP, baby formula, and more.

Remember the exponential rise in crime.

Remember those in all levels of government who had “rules for thee, but not for me”.

Remember “just two weeks to flatten the curve”.

Remember how they “fudged” the number on how many were sick and how many died because of covid. And how the government did this by paying medical institutions a bonus fee for each and every person they wanted declared infected or died from covid.

Remember how the medical elites dismissed the use of low cost effective medicines and then had them made them illegal to be use to treat covid.

Remember how you had to get your shots, but not any of the people who came into this country illegally.

Remember how they said, “It was for the common good”. This is the same excuse used by all tyrannical government. You no longer have individual rights. It was the reasoning for interment camps in the US and in Germany loading people into cattle cars and taking them to concentration camps during WWII.

Remember we were told to follow the science and there wasn’t any.

Remember how pharmaceutical companies got rich from the government for a vaccine that didn’t do what was promised.

Remember they said only one shot and you would not get covid, and you would not transmit it to anyone else. Of course if the shot made you sick or worse, you could not sue anyone about it. Both the government and pharmaceutical companies were made immune from criminal prosecution or civil action.

Remember how fast and how far gas went up.

Remember how everything the government did in response to all of this caused double digit inflation.

And if you think hard enough, you will remember more.

Are you be ready for the next wave of increased taxes? Yes, the government will say they are affected by inflation, too, so you have to pay more.

Now, remember who is pushing all of this again.

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