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The Amazingly Powerful 21 Days Stop Smoking With Self-Hypnosis


Discover how self-hypnosis can help you stop smoking in 21 days.

     The next best thing to a one-on-one session with a hypnotist is learning how to do self-hypnosis to stop smoking. And now there is a program that will help you do this better than ever before. In the past if you ever purchased a hypnosis recording to stop smoking, you got a single recording that you were to play over and over. Hopefully after playing it for 30 days or more, something started to happen. It was quick and easy to make for the hypnotist. It was usually not very effective for the client. One of the problems with most of these recordings was that if they did do anything for you, the next time you played it, it assumed you failed and had to start over again. You never progressed.

     But “The Amazingly Powerful 21 Days Stop Smoking With Self-Hypnosis Program” is different. With my program you do progress in stages, up to that day when you become a non-smoker. You will learn in steps, over time, how to relax and go into trance, to deepen the trance, to build and reinforce your commitment and finally become a non-smoker. It is a systematized self-hypnotic approach to helping you become smoke-free.

     I, Roger J. Willard, a certified hypnotherapist, have put together, and for the first time released to the general public, the many techniques and tools that I use to help people kick the habit. I have developed this program of self-hypnosis because I know it is not possible for everyone to come to me for one of my private sessions to stop smoking. Normally I charge $375.00 for our Single Session Stop Smoking program. I wanted to help more people, so I have created this program and have decided to sell it for only $139.95. But to create awareness and get this program out to the public as quickly as possible, I have decided, for a short time, to have a pre-production sale. For this short time it will be only $99.95 (plus S&H and applicable sales tax) to get his amazing program Once this sale is over, it will never be priced this low again. In fact, eventually my session fee for our Single Session Stop Smoking program will go up along with the price of this self-hypnosis program.

     With “The Amazingly Powerful 21 Days Stop Smoking With Self-Hypnosis Program” you receive:

  • 1 workbook (instructions and handouts)
  • 4 progressive stages recordings in mp3 format
  • 1 bonus maintenance recording in mp3 format (for that small number of people that need a little extra help staying smoke-free)

     Please note: You are not paying for expensive molded plastic cd cases. You are not getting glossy printed material. The recordings were not made in a pricey Hollywood recording studio. But for your investment you are receiving a proven stop smoking program that works. So get this before this price goes up. Get it now before you waste another dollar on cigarettes. Do it now and become smoke-free.

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