Making Positive Changes One Trance At A Time.

Weight Loss With Sub-Trance Hypnosis


      Do you find it hard to do those things necessary to lose weight? Do you wish you had the willpower to push food away when you are full? Are you ready to do something about it? You can. All that is really necessary is to change your mind. Experts say only two things will help you lose weight; moving more and eating less. Some people find this hard to do or just can’t get started. Now you can find that inner strength to do it. You can say enough is enough when eating. You can discover that you do have the ability to move more. You can find a new curiosity in eating the right kinds of food just by changing your mind. Let this recording help you shed pound shed pounds just by listening to it as background sound at the same time changing your sub-conscious mind. There are three tracks with this package. All three have the vocal suggestions. Two of the tracks have musical overlays.
      YOU GET THREE INDIVIDUAL RECORDINGS WITH THIS OFFER. One recording is without background music. The two other recordings have two different music tracks.
      This recording is not subliminal, but rather it is uses Sub-Trancing suggestions and confuses your conscious mind which then opens your unconscious/subconscious mind with multiple direct suggestions for better eating habits and motivation to move more. In doing this it takes your past unconscious bad choices about eating and exercising and makes them conscious. You also then have the ability and motivation to make good decisions for eating well and exercising more, helping you to lose weight. This recording is in mp3 format and has to be copied to your mp3 player or similar device to be played. As with most hypnosis recordings, they are to be played and listened to repeatedly to be effective.

      This recording is in three parts and is downloaded as a zipped file which the user must first unzip and save before use. Also, since this is such a large recording, please be patient as it will take some time to download


Voice without music track

Voice with music track 1

Voice with music track 2

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