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Go To Sleep, Go Back To Sleep


      Do you have trouble going to sleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to get back to sleep? Let hypnosis help you sleep better, longer and more soundly. Discover that you can sleep like a baby again by just reprogramming your own mind with hypnosis.
      Play this recording just before you plan to go to sleep and let it guide to into restful sleep. But as with most it is to be played and listened to repeatedly to be effective. This recording is in mp3 format and has to be copied to your mp3 player or similar device to be played.

A note from the hypnotist.
      She said in a desperate voice, "Roger, I need to get some sleep. Will you come and hypnotize me to sleep?" How could I refuse such an appeal? She looked exhausted. I knew her job had her changing shifts and she had to sleep uncommon hours. She was having difficulty adjusting. So naturally I said yes. How could I say no to the woman I love, my wife.
      Then as she crawled into bed, I pulled a folding chair into the bedroom and set it next to her side of the bed. I gave her some breathing instructions to begin herself and then began to talk to her. As I let myself go into a light trance, the words flowed from me to guide her into relaxation and then into a trance state. Within a few minutes, I had her "drift over" to the sleep, leaving behind the conscious state.
      For a number of days that followed I continued to help her to sleep. Then on several occasions I put a small digital recorder in my shirt pocket and recorded the bedtime sessions. A few days later I listened to the recording and the suggestions for sleep; metaphors and other verbiage that I used to help her sleep, and wrote them down. And I thought to myself, "These are pretty good." From those notes I then put together this recording to help others fall asleep quicker, easier, sounder and longer. Now you can benefit from the same hypnotic trance to sleep.

Please note that there are no shipping charges if you choose a digital download.
      This recording is in three parts and is downloaded as a zipped file which the user must first unzip and save before use.


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