Did you know that smoking helps to cause wrinkles in your skin?

     If you are still smoking by the time you are 40 to 50, you will probably look about 20 years older than you really are, according to Dr. Elson Haas, MD. There are several reasons for this. First, the nicotine breaks down Vitamin C which is essential for good skin. Without vitamin C, collagen cannot be properly made in the body and collagen is what gives elasticity to the skin. Next, smoking give the skin a pale look due to the lack of oxygen in the blood rather than a healthy pinkish glow (Naturally I am talking about those people who do not have naturally dark skin). But it's not just me saying this, check this article from the Mayo Clinic. If you want to read a more technical medical article on twins and the effects of smoking on the skin, click here. In its observation it states, "The twin with the 52.5―pack-year smoking history showed more severe skin aging than did the nonsmoking twin." Do your own internet search for other article on how smoking accelerate the aging of your skin.

      You may ask, but what if I stop later rather than sooner? The sad fact is that the damage done that cause the wrinkles and sagging of the skin is done and cannot be reversed naturally. Your skin color will probably improve, but will that really be enough for you?

      If you are a young smoker now, you may not be thinking about the years to come but they will. Do you want to stay younger looking longer or would you rather be wrinkled and pale sooner than you should be? Take time to look at older looking people who smoke now. How old do you think they are? If you ask them how old they are, you might be surprised, if not a little shocked. Compare them to people whose similar ages you know. Which would you rather be? Do want to stay younger looking longer or old looking before your time? It's all up to you. If you don't decide to stop smoking now when will you? Will it be tomorrow, the next day, the next year or when it is too late to do anything about what it has done to your skin? Sure, there's plastic surgery, but even then there is only so much that can be done and a smoker's skin does not heal well or as fast.  It's your choice. You can call now to become a non-smoker or just keep putting it off. Why not pick up the phone now and call 717-872-7561 and schedule your appointment to become the new healthier you? You will be glad you did when you do it and so much more so years from now when you see those who did not, knowing they could have been you. Call 717-872-7561.  



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