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We Specialize In Long-Term Smokers
Who Want To Quit!

You can do it. You have the power!
Let hypnosis be your tool to help you
do it. You know will power alone is
not enough. Discover the power of
your own mind. You do not have to
be a slave to smoking.

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not the right time to stop smoking?"
If you believe everything in your life must be perfect for you to be able to stop, you never will. There will never be the perfect time. So right now is really the right time to stop
Now take a moment and watch the video below.

Stop Smoking in Just 1 Hours!
Our Single Session
Stop Smoking Program
To learn more about what your cost of this very specialized program, go to our Viagra low cost in canada page as it contains very important information. Special note: We do not accept every person who calls for this program. If after meeting and talking to you before we do the hypnosis we feel you lack the commitment or some other reason are not ready to stop smoking, we will tell you. We will discontinue the session and you will not be charged. We expect total commitment from our clients to stop smoking and will settle for no less. We want our clients to be successful in this program, but we will not take money from anyone whom we feel is not ready to make that commitment.

We say this is a single session program and for most people, it is. Once and done is all they need. But there are some people who might need just a little more help. So as part of our program, we include a follow up regular session to help with that one thing you need a little extra help with. And there is more. with this program we teach you a technique of self-hypnosis to aid you past any moment that you may feel stressed or have a craving for whatever reason. This technique is to be practiced to make if more effective and powerful. Most clients do it because it feel good and helps them with stress and other issues in their lives. The technique is simple and easy to learn, but we include handout for those who might need reminders on how to do it. We also include a maintenance mp3 recording on a CD that can be played to help keep you on track. For more information and pricing, please call us at 717-872-7561.

One of the smartest money things you can do is stop smoking, now! Look at what it cost you every day, every week and every year you continue to smoke.

Cost per pack a day Cost per week Cost per month Cost per year Cost per 5 years
$5.00 $35.00 $150.00 $1,825.00 $9,125.00
$5.25 $36.75 $157.50 $1,916.25 $9,581.25
$5.50 $38.50 $165.00 $2,007.50 $10,037.50
$5.75 $40.25 $172.50 $2,098.75 $10,493.75
$6.00 $43.00 $180.00 $2,190.00 $10,950.00
$6.25 $43.75 $187.50 $2,281.25 $11,406.25
$6.50 $45.50 $195.00 $2,372.50 $11,862.50
$6.75 $47.25 $202.50 $2,463.75 $12,318.75
$7.00 $49.00 $210.00 $2,555.00 $12,775.00

Imagine putting his money back in your pockets once you become a non-smoker. It doesn't cost you to stop smoking, it pay you to stop smoking.

What others are saying about us.

"My name is Heather and I have been a pack a day smoker for over 45 years. I have tried several times to quit and tried several different methods. Nothing worked. I finally decided to try hypnosis. I called Mr. Willard and set up an appointment. He was amazing and I have not smoked since I was here."


Click here for an audio testimonial from Barry P.

Warning, the government
doesn't want you to stop smoking!

The government, without any proof and from the opinion of just one man, told you that nicotine is addictive. Theyve told you so many times that you are hooked on nicotine and that it is impossible for you to quit. Why would they do that? Think about it for a moment. When the government wants to get more money, they create a boogie man. Smokers make a great scapegoat to grab money from. Who would argue adding more taxes on those "evil smokers"? They tax you more and more to pay for new programs. They dont know how to stop spending your money. If they did not get that tax revenue, they would have to put the burden on the general public. They would rather make you the bad guys than act responsibly. But they want to keep people smoking to keep money coming in. Even state governments want to raise the taxes on smokers. They cannot control their spending any better than the Feds. Not only do they want you to smoke, they need you to smoke. Money is their power. It is what they live for. Of course they are going to continue to tell you its the nicotine and you cannot stop.

But you are not evil and you know it. You know all the right reasons to stop smoking, but just dont know how. They have told you it was the nicotine, but its not. They have brainwashed you and created false beliefs in you that keep you from stopping. Stress and habit also keep you smoking or draw you back in. You just need to learn how to become smoke-free. Hypnosis is the right tool that is natural and safe, without the patch, gum or pharmaceuticals. And it works for those who are 100% committed to stop smoking.

So stop being their pawn and stop giving your hard-earned money to the politicians. Stop smoking and spend your money the way you want. Call the Willard Hypnosis Center today at 717-872-7561.

A special note for women about staying younger looking longer. Click here!

Smoking is not sexy.

Only in the movies and on TV does smoking look cool, fashionable or attractive. And this only happens because of special lighting, props, special effects, and movie stars pretending to be something they are not. In reality, to most smoking is unattractive, sleazy, cheap and causes you to smell like an ashtray.

Again, our philosophy is that it is not the nicotine.

If you tried the nicotine path or nicotine gums and still could not stop smoking, you know that they do not work for you. Also, if you have ever stopped smoking for any period of time and then went back, it was not because of the nicotine, (it's out of you body in 48 to 72 hours). You probably started again because of one of the true reason people smoke, HABIT, BELIEFS and most importantly, STRESS. We deal with this three headed beast to make you a non-smoker. And with your true desire to stop smoking, it can happen.

But you can change all of that now! Today, in a single hypnotherapy session, you can become a non-smoker. Today, you can take control of your life and no longer be a slave to cigarettes, or any other tobacco product. Today, you can do it. And yes, it can be done in only one value packed, intense hypnotherapy session. But you must want to make it happen. And the first step is to call and make your appointment. Call today and take back your life. Call 717-872-7561. The sooner you call, the sooner you stop smoking.
Some more information

In the Combined September/October 2007 issue of our newsle