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Meet the Hypnotist & The Willard Hypnosis Center

 Roger J. Willard, Consulting Hypnotist, believes in order to become better and to be able to grow, one is required to change. A person must be able to continue to learn, expand his or her horizons, and be able to adapt to new challenges we come to face in life. Life is change. If there is no change, there is no life. Standing still is not an option. Not only will today's world pass you by, it will run right over top of you.

     He earned an Associate in Arts degree in Police Science & Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He has also had two books published on private investigations. He has had over 35 year experience in finding missing persons and was a licensed private detective for over 26 years. Because of this he has seen how too many people expect the rest of the world to change for them rather than making changes in themselves. When they don't get what they want or expect, they blame everyone but themselves. They did not prepare for the world as it really is. Having the ability to change the way we think is essential. We must take control of our minds to get better results in making changes in ourselves.

     Roger J. Willard has always had a fascination with hypnosis while growing up. For most of his adult life he continued to read and study all he could on the subject. Eventually he took formal training and more independent studies and earned certification from the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotists. He continues his studies as required to maintain his certification. Every year in August, he attended the National Guild of Hypnotist's Convention in Marlborough, MA to keep up to date with the new and different techniques in hypnosis. For the last 15 years he was also a seminar and workshop leader at the convention.

     Now, as a hypnotherapist/consulting hypnotist, he is helping those who really want to make changes in their lives, not just temporary or just for the moment changes, but long-lasting and permanent changes.

Favorite quotes:*

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill
"You become what you think about" Earl Nightingale

"I wont be wronged, I wonít be insulted, I won't be laid a hand on, I donít do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." The Shootist played by John Wayne (sounds a little like the golden rule.)

*Sound bites and quotes alone do not make a way of life. It begins with with deep thought, evaluation and re-evaluation of your life and what you learn. Then with guidance of our Creator, and then and only then when they are all put together, that a true core belief system and personal philosophy is born.

About The Willard Hypnosis Center

     When we decided to offer our services in hypnosis, we needed to pick a name. We decided on the Willard Hypnosis Center. It identifies us uniquely with our name, and what we do, hypnosis. As for being a center, we operate out of our home in historic Conestoga, PA. Our home is over 120 years old and reflex the warmness of a country home setting. As a client, we never treat you like you were part of an assembly line. We provide adequate time to give you and every client the attention they deserve.

Willard Hypnosis Center
3304 Main Street
Conestoga, PA 17516
For your personal attention,
hours are by appointment only.
Please note! We do not have person just to answer the phone. Time is valuable so we use an answering machine to take most of our calls. So if you call and get the answering machine, please leave your name, number and the best window of time for us to call you back. In some instances, it may be the next day. If you call on the weekend, it may be the following Monday. We value our time with our family.



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