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Do you have the fear of:    

  • Public Speaking (the number one fear)
  • Heights
  • Animals (dogs, cats, snakes)
  • Bugs & Spiders
  • Men and or Women
  • Failure
  • Parents
  • Flying
  • Germs
  • What’s under the bed
  • What’s in the cellar
  • Needles (medical)
  • Being ridiculed
  • Confined spaces
  • Cemeteries
  • Clowns
  • Making decisions
  • Doctors & Dentists
  • Water (swimming)
  • Different People (those not like you)
  • Wealth
  • Tests
  • The moon or moonlight
  • Leaving home
  • Leaving your home town
  • Sleep
  • Dreams
  • Speed
  • Sharp objects

      These are just some of the things that some people fear. Sometimes fear is a good thing. A little fear of high places is good so that you will be careful. A little fear of any dangerous situation will help you better respect it so that you will think more and act accordingly. If you did not have a little bit of fear at these times, it would be unnatural. But fears that go beyond a healthy respect of dangerous things or keep you from doing normal, daily activities is not good.

     Bugs that may frighten you momentary because they are unexpected in common, but to go to the extreme of screaming and running away in panic over harmless insects is not healthy. And if you are a parent, what example does this set for your children? A very poor one. The same goes for hiding under the covers when you hear thunder and see flashes of lightening. And at work, if you are put into a position that requires you to be a leader and speak before groups, big and/or small, do you become paralyzed? This can only put your career on hold or even set it back some.

     It is the irrational fears that prevent you from doing everyday things or letting common situations, events or object control you, that must and can be overcome and defeated. Hypnosis can help you overcome these fears quickly and in most cases, in just one or two sessions. Are you ready to give up your fears? Are you ready to take control of that part of your life and never let these irrational fears overwhelm you again? Are you ready to do it now? Call us at 717-872-7561 to make your appointment. You can make your life better with hypnosis and we are here to help you make it happen. Call 717-872-7561.

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